Do Hammer Hybrid participants receive all their items at the Expo?

When you pick up your race kit, you will receive your Hammer apparel items. When you finish the race, enter the Hammer medal line to receive your 5K, 30K, and Hammer medals.

Can I change my corral?

Yes, but please place yourself in the appropriate corral to ensure the balanced flow of the race is maintained. Please see the Help Desk at the Expo to change your corral.

I bought the ATB+ Defer to 2024 option. Am I automatically deferred?

If you purchased the ATB+ Defer to 2024 option and email us before March 17, 2023 indicating you would like to redeem your option to defer, we can remove you from this year’s race and confirm your deferral.

If ATB+ Defer to 2024 option is purchased after March 17, 2023 and you do not participate on March 26, 2023, then we will send you a promo code to register for 2024. Due to the high volume of inquiries and close proximity to race day, we may not be able to remove you from the participant list or email a confirmation during race week.

Can I still transfer? If so, how?

For the health and safety of all participants, it is important to have accurate information of actual participants and especially during emergency situations.  Only official transfers during the transfer period will be allowed.  A person who runs under someone else’s bib will be disqualified and may face suspension from future Bay Races.

Transfers can only be completed in person at the Health & Fitness Expo on March 24 & 25. No race day transfers or registrations. Transfer fee: $20 Cash

Can family and friends watch me finish inside FirstOntario Centre?

Yes, spectators are welcome to watch in the arena seats as participants finish the race. Spectators, family and friends are not permitted on the finish line floor. You may wish to pick a certain section in the arena to meet after the race. E.g. Section 112, Row 20

I have the ATB+ Race Day Pick Up. Where do I go to pick up my kit on race morning?

  • ATB+ Race Day Pick-up will be open from 7:30am-8:45am on the concourse level (2nd floor) opposite of Aisle 72 in FirstOntario Centre – 101 York Blvd.
  • One Packet Pick-Up per ATB+ package.
  • There is only one packet for a relay team. All the relay bibs are in the one packet.
  • Baggage check items must fit in the clear plastic bag (16″ x 24″) provided. Luggage and other large items will not be accepted. Please leave valuables at home. We are not responsible for lost or stolen property.
  • ATB+ Coat check closes at 2:30pm

Is there a bag check?

Yes, $5 Cash only.
Bag Check Tickets can be purchased at the Health & Fitness Expo.

Race Day Bag Check will be located beside the FirstOntario Box Office off of Bay St.
Please click here for Bag Check Location.

Bag Check Hours: 8:00am – 2:00pm

Baggage check items must fit in the clear plastic bag (16″ x 24″) provided. Luggage and other large items will not be accepted. Please leave valuables at home. We are not responsible for lost or stolen property.

Can I bring a stroller and/or my dog?

Strollers and pets are not permitted on the 30K course. Pets are not permitted on the 5K course. Pets are not permitted inside FirstOntario Centre. Service dogs are not considered pets. Please see our race rules section here.

Can my in person race be tracked with a mobile app?

Yes, download TRACX app.

When will bib numbers be assigned?

Bib numbers are now assigned. Click on this search tool link to see your bib number.

Do I need to show proof of vaccination?

At this time, you do not need to show proof of vaccination to enter FirstOntario Centre. Please see our registration and COVID policy recently updated in January 2023 here.

2023 Virtual Race FAQs

Virtual Race period is March 1, 2023 – March 31, 2023.
Virtual FAQs here.

Where do I get my chip?

Your chip is on the back of the race bib and can be picked up at Packet Pick Up — with your race shirt.

Where is my timing chip?

The timing chip is now on the back of the bib. The bib must be worn on the front of the participant with the bib facing forward on the outside of all clothing. Holding the bib in your hand, covered under your clothes, or elsewhere on your body may result in missed timing detections.

Are there finish line photos?

Marathon Photos

Marathon Photos is the official photographer for the Bay Race. Smile when you see our photographers in the bright yellow vests and make sure your bib number is visible. View and order your photos here.

When, where and what are the awards?

Finisher medals will be distributed to each participant upon completion of their in-person event. This will take place inside FirstOntario Centre after you finish the race. Relay finisher medals for all members of the team will be given to the last leg of the relay team.

Age Group Award Certificates will be distributed to the top three individuals in their age and gender category. The 30K categories are Female/Male runners 15yrs and over — 5 year increments up to 75+. Age Group Award Certificates will be mailed out to the Top 3 finishers in their category for the 5K race starting from 9 and under up to 75+ years old in 5 year increments.

Are there entertainment and bands on the course?

Various groups and individuals are along the course, some playing music, some in costumes to entertain as well as encourage the runners every year.

Where does my event start?

  • 30K and first leg of the relays start on York Blvd just west of Bay St.
  • 5k starts on Bay St. just south of York Blvd.

Are the kilometres marked?

Yes, each kilometre will be marked along the route.

Where are the toilets located along the route?

There are port-a-potties located approximately every 5K along the 30K course.

Where are the aid and water stations?

Water will be at the 7K, 11K, 14K, 21K, and 25K marks and at the Finish.
XACT Cherry Berry Electrolyte Drink also at 7K, 11K, 14K, 21K, and 25K
XACT Energy Fruit Bars at 11K & 21K.
Portable toilets placed approximately every 5K.

What is the 30K course like?

The first 10k is fairly flat in the industrial part of Hamilton. Remember not too go out too fast! The middle part of the Around the Bay Road Race is often windy as you are running through the Beach strip near the water. The last 10k includes rolling hills through scenic North Shore Blvd.

The race begins on York Blvd west of Bay St. The race proceeds east on York Blvd then turns left, (north) onto James St. N. Runners run north on James St. N., east on Guise St, east on Dock Service Rd, south on Ferguson Ave. N, then east onto Burlington St.

Runners proceed east on Burlington using the overpasses to the Woodward Ave. on ramp.

Runners exit north onto Woodward Ave. and then turn right onto the Beach Strip.

After crossing the Canal lift bridge the race turns onto Eastport Drive to Northshore Blvd. The race turns west bound onto the rolling hills of Northshore Blvd., and then west onto Plains Rd. Runners continue on Plains Rd. to Spring Gardens Rd. up the Valley Inn Rd Hill, entering Hamilton on York Blvd. and finish into FirstOntario Centre at York Blvd. and Bay Sts.

Is there parking?

FirstOntario Centre parking map

There is parking all around FirstOntario Centre. Look on the map at right (click to enlarge) for the green ‘P’ municipal lots. There are lots of private lots as well but be aware of event pricing. Parking under Jackson Square as well.

When should I arrive?

The 30K and first leg of the relays start together at 9:30am. The 5K starts at 9:45am.
You should arrive at least an hour before your start time to do any last minute things, i.e. warm-up, washroom stop, etc.

Please factor in the road closures and the time it will take to find parking.

Are there Pace Bunny times? What are the times?

Yes, thanks to the Running Room, we will have 30K pacers this year. Pacer times from 2:10 to 3:35.

What are the starting times and course closure times?

Starting times: Sunday March 26, 2023

  • 30K RUN and RELAYS — 9:30am
    (only the person running the first leg of the relay starts at the start line)
  • 5K — 9:45am

    Click here for road closures.

Where and when do I turn in my Charity pledges?

Please contact your charity for specific info. Click here for charity partners page.

Is there a pasta dinner?

We do not host a pasta dinner but the Sheraton Hamilton and many local restaurants have Bay Race specials.

Can I still register?

If you would like to register at the Expo, we can provide you with a bib so you would have an official race time but we would have to mail your shirt and medal after the race.  We estimate, we can send them a couple of weeks after the race.

If still interested, please go to the Help Desk at the Expo to register in-person.  No race day registration.

30K: $140 Cash

5K: $80 Cash

What is at the expo?

The expo showcases many vendors who are associated with running or a sport activity in some way. There are approximately 35 vendors that will be in attendance during race weekend. This is also where registrants pick up their race shirt and bib number with timing chip. The Health & Fitness Expo is free and open to the public.

Is there an expo? When? Where?

Yes, we will have our regular Health & Fitness Expo this year with lots of great exhibitors. Click here for hours and location.

Can I pick up my friend’s run packet? Can someone pick up my packet?

You or a friend can pick up your packet (Bib and Shirt) at the Health and Fitness Expo on Friday or Saturday.

To avoid the wrong packet being issued, please bring one of the following:

  • A copy of the confirmation email OR
  • Photo ID

If picking up for someone, please have their bib numbers ready. Bib numbers will be assigned the week of March 6 and can be found using this search tool once assigned.

When & where can I pick up my race packet?

Packet pickup is available at FirstOntario Centre, 101 York Boulevard, Hamilton, Ontario L8R 3L4, on the concourse level (2nd floor). We strongly recommend you pick up your packet early as there is NO packet pickup on Race Day unless you have the ATB+ Race Day Pickup package.

You or a friend can pick up your packet during the following times. Please bring your bib number. You can look up your bib number here.

  • Friday March 24, 2023 — 1:30pm to 6:30pm
  • Saturday March 25, 2023 — 10am to 5pm


What am I picking up at Packet Pickup?

There isn’t a packet anymore but you will be picking up

  • your bib number which has the chip attached to the back
  • your race shirt

*Remember, you need to bring your BIB to participate on race day.

Be sure to check out the Expo exhibitors. There are always great running gear for sale, free samples, and giveaways.

Can I defer my entry to next year?

You can only defer your entry if you have purchased the ATB+ Defer package and then sent us an email to exercise your option to defer by March 23, 2023.

I’m injured. I can’t make it anymore. What are my options?

  1. Transfer your entry to someone else. 


Transfers can be completed in person by the transfer recipient at the Help Desk during the Expo. No race day transfers. Transfer fee: $20 Cash

  1. Purchase the ATB+ Defer to 2024 Option.


  • Option to defer to 2024 for any reason
  • If you are unable to participate for whatever reason in the 2023 Bay Race, you have the option to defer your registration to 2024 with this ATB+ DO package.
  • Deferred participants do not receive 2023 race kit/shirt.
  • After you purchase the ATB+ Defer Package, please email to inform us that you will exercise your option to defer by March 23, 2023 after you purchase the ATB+ package. Then a promo code will be sent to you to register for 2024 once 2024 online registration opens. Notice by email to defer must be sent to info@bayrace.com.
  • ATB+ DO Package available for purchase until March 23, 2023.
  • One ATB+ DO package can defer a relay team entry
  • No refunds on the ATB+ DO package

    You can purchase the ATB+ Defer to 2024 Package here until March 23, 2023.

Online fees and HST applicable to ATB+ packages.

  1. Request your shirt and medal to be sent by mail and run virtually at your convenience.  If you are taking this option.  Please confirm shirt size and mailing address in your registration profile is correct .  Please include suite/apt/unit number if applicable. Email info@bayrace.com with your request.

Click here for our Registration Policy.

Where & when can I register?

If you would like to register at the Expo, we can provide you with a bib so you would have an official race time but we would have to mail your shirt and medal after the race.  We estimate, we can send them a couple of weeks after the race.

If still interested, please go to the Help Desk at the Expo to register in-person.  No race day registration.

30K: $140 Cash

5K: $80 Cash

Do you need volunteers, and how do I sign up to volunteer?

At this time, all our volunteer positions are full. Please visit our volunteer page here in January of next year when we will start recruiting for 2024.

When and what streets are closed?

Click here for road closures.

Where are the best places to watch the races?

  1. Where: Corner Victoria Ave. and Burlington St. (approx 3.2km)
    How to get there: From downtown Hamilton, head east on Main St. to Victoria Ave. Turn north and follow to Burlington St.
  2. Where: Near ramp from Burlington St. to Woodward Ave. N. — 10km. This is the 1st relay point
    How to get there: From Downtown Hamilton, head east on Main St. to Parkdale Ave., turn north on Parkdale to Barton St. then east on Barton to Woodward Ave., turn north on Woodward and proceed to ramp area Woodward Ave.
  3. Where: Beach Blvd — 15km. Near the Lift Bridge
    How to get there: From Downtown Hamilton, head east on Main St. to Wellington St., turn north, follow to Burlington St. then east on Burlington, to the cut off for Woodward Ave. north on Woodward, which changes to Eastport Dr. Follow Eastport to the Lift Bridge area. Note: You should leave for this area prior to the race start.
  4. Where: Lasalle Park (Burlington) — 21km
    How to get there: From Downtown Hamilton, head west on King St. to Hwy 403 Toronto cut off. Proceed onto the 403 and follow to Waterdown Road in Burlington. Turn right then follow Waterdown road to Lasalle Park (approx 1.3km).
  5. Where: Dundurn Castle (York Blvd. at Dundurn St.) — 28km
    How to get there: Follow the course backwards on York Blvd. (approx 1-1/2 km) from the Start line. Parking available at Dundurn Castle.

How can I help keep the course clean?

We greatly respect the residents that allow us to host this historic race through their neighbourhoods and communities. We strongly encourage you to please hold onto your gel packs, tissues, and other unwanted items until you reach a water station where our volunteers can collect them in designated garbage receptacles.

Where can I view past results?

2023 Results will be posted at this link.

Please visit our Results & Photos page to view previous results dating back to 1894.

Is there a specific 30K training schedule I can follow?

Please see our Training page for links to training programs and race-specific training clinics.

Do you have a walking section for the 30K?

There isn’t a separate walking race category. Participants are welcome to walk if able to complete the 30K within the 4.5 hour course time limit.

All participants not reaching the 15km point by 11:45am or the 20km point by 12:30pm will be asked to take one of the relay shuttle buses back to FirstOntario Centre. The course time limit will be strictly enforced due to traffic control and runner safety. The Finish Line will be taken down at 2:00pm.

Who receives medals?

All participants in the Hammer, 30K, Relays and 5K receive a medal. There are no medals for the virtual 2K, 10K, or 15k race categories.

All 30K finishers receive a graduated finishing medal.

GoldUnder 2 hrsUnder 2:15
Silver2 hrs to 2:152:15 to 2:30
Bronzeover 2:15over 2:30

Is this event a Boston qualifier?

No, The Around the Bay Road Race (since it is not a Marathon distance) is an excellent warm up for the Boston Marathon but it is not an official qualifying race.

What kind of weather is typical for the race?

Be prepared for any type of weather because the Bay Race has had it all. We can always count on a windy day especially down the Beach Strip. Layering is always a good idea. The average temperature on race weekend is a pleasant 4°C. Average rainfall for the month is 51mm.

When is next year’s race?

130th Anniversary – Sunday, March 24, 2024

What are the in-person race categories?

  • 30 K (18.6 miles)
  • 3 person x 10K relay
  • 2 person x 15k relay
  • 5 K
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