Race Rules

Course Time Limits

Participants including Walkers must be able to complete the 30k course in 4.5 hours from the start of the horn at 9:30am.

The course time limit for the in-person 34K is 5 hours from the start of the horn at 9:30am. Participants must reach the 15K point by 12:00pm and the 20K 12:45pm to continue.

At the discretion of the POLICE, due to traffic control and runner safety, participants may be asked to walk along the sidewalks and obey traffic rules.

Official results posted for participants finishing within the course time limit.

The finish line will be taken down at 2:00pm.

Registered In-Participants Only

Only registered in-person participants with official Bay Race bibs will be allowed to enter the start line area and to cross the finish line on March 24, 2024. Please have bibs on the outside of your clothing for optimal chip time reading and to identify you as a participant. Our course officials may ask to see your bib if it is hidden and those without a bib will be removed from the course. Your race time may not be reflected in the official results if the bib is hidden and the chip time could not be read.

For the health and safety of all participants, it is important to have accurate information of actual participants and especially during emergency situations.  Only official transfers during the transfer period will be allowed.  A person who runs under someone else’s bib or doesn’t wear a bib will be disqualified and may face suspension from future Bay Races.

Note: If you transfer your entry to someone else, you do not receive any of the race swag. The transfer recipient will receive the race swag. If you transfer from one race category to another race category, you will receive the race swag of the new race category. E.g. If you transfer from the Hammer Hybrid to the 15K, you will receive a long-sleeved race shirt and a 15K medal. You would not receive the Hammer Jacket or the Hammer medal. More transfer info here.

Age Restrictions

For the In-Person 30k and/or The Hammer Races — You must be at least 15 years of age on March 24, 2024 to participate.

For the In-Person 10K and 15K – You must be at least 12 years of age on March 24, 2024 to participate. For these race categories, we highly recommend an adult participate with registrants under 16 years of age.

There is no age restriction on the 5K. We highly recommend that children under the age of 12, participating in the 5K event, run with an adult.

Items Not Permitted

The following items are NOT permitted in any of the races: pets, animals, skateboards, bicycles, roller blades, strollers* and any other types of vehicles (other than official Race vehicles). These regulations are for your safety and the safety of the other participants in the race. Anyone on the course with items not permitted will be removed from the race. If you have any questions, please email info@bayrace.com.

*Strollers/pushchairs are only permitted starting at the back of the pack for the 5K only. This is with the understanding that participants with strollers/pushchairs are casual non-competitive participants. Participants with strollers/pushchairs who are racing competitively in the 5k will be removed from the course as they are potential safety hazards.

Bib Number Requirements

  • All registered participants will receive a bib number that must be worn on race day.
  • Please put any necessary medical and emergency contact information on the back of the bib with a pen or waterproof marker.
  • Please do not alter the bib in any way.
  • The bib must be visible and worn on the front outside of all clothing during the entire race.
  • Bib numbers are non-transferable and must be worn by the registrant to whom it has been assigned.

Timing Chip on Bibs

  • Do not forget your Bib on race day: without a Bib, you will not receive a time!
  • The bib must be visible and worn on the front outside of all clothing during the entire race.
  • Each Bib is non-transferable and must be worn only by the participant to whom it is assigned.
  • Do not cross the finish line more than once.

In-Person Relay Exchange Zone and Finish Line Restrictions

Relay team members must keep the exchange zones on the Bay Race course clear. In other words, team members must remain behind the barricades, until the runner they are meeting arrives for the exchange. Lining up on the race route is prohibited. Failure to comply may result in team disqualification.

Only one team member is allowed to run the Glory Leg crossing the finish line in FirstOntario Centre. A team member from another leg may not cross the finish line. Team members will be able to reunite at FirstOntario Centre.

Race Rules
Race Rules
Race Rules