I bought the ATB+ Defer to 2025 option. Am I automatically deferred?

You are not automatically deferred to 2025. If you purchased the ATB+ Defer to 2025 option and would like to defer, you must email us before March 20, 2024 indicating you would like to redeem/exercise your option to defer. We can remove you from this year’s race and confirm your deferral.

Summary of ATB+ Defer Option (DO) Package

  • Option to defer to 2025 for any reason
  • If you are unable to participate for whatever reason in the 2024 Bay Race, you have the option to defer your registration to 2025 with this ATB+ DO package.
  • To redeem this option, please email info@bayrace.com to inform us that you will exercise your option to defer by March 20, 2024 so we can record your deferral and remove you from the 2024 race. Then a promo code will be sent to you to register for 2025 once 2025 online registration opens. Please note you are not automatically registered for 2025. You will need to use the promo code we send to register for 2025. The promo code offsets the 2025 entry fee. If you do not email us to inform us you are exercising your deferral option, you are not automatically deferred to 2025 and you are not automatically registered for 2025.
  • Notice by email to defer must be sent to info@bayrace.com.
  • Deferred registrants do not receive 2024 race kit/shirt. Deferred registrants will receive a promo code to register for the 2025 race.
  • ATB+ DO Package available for purchase until March 20, 2024.
  • No refunds on the ATB+ DO package
  • The ATB+ DO Package can only be used to defer to the next race year. I.e. If you want to further defer to 2026, you will need a 2025 ATB+ Defer Option Package.
  • Online fees and taxes applicable to ATB+ packages.

How can I help keep the course clean?

We greatly respect the residents that allow us to host this historic race through their neighbourhoods and communities. We strongly encourage you to please hold onto your gel packs, tissues, and other unwanted items until you reach a water station where our volunteers can collect them in designated garbage receptacles.

Do you have a walking section for the 30K?

There isn’t a separate walking race category. Participants are welcome to walk if able to complete the 30K within the 5 hour course time limit.

The course time limit for the in-person 30K is 5 hours from the start of the horn at 9:30am. Participants must reach the 15K point by 12:00pm and the 20K 12:45pm to continue.

At the discretion of the POLICE, due to traffic control and runner safety, participants may be asked to walk along the sidewalks and obey traffic rules.

Official results posted for participants finishing within the course time limit.

Who receives medals?

All participants who finish within the course time limit will receive finisher medals in all race categories. Please click here for 30K Gold and Silver times.

Is this event a Boston qualifier?

No, The Around the Bay Road Race (since it is not a Marathon distance) is an excellent warm up for the Boston Marathon but it is not an official qualifying race.

What kind of weather is typical for the race?

Be prepared for any type of weather because the Bay Race has had it all. We can always count on a windy day especially down the Beach Strip. Layering is always a good idea. The average temperature on race weekend is a pleasant 4°C. Average rainfall for the month is 51mm.

What kind of weather is typical for the race?
What kind of weather is typical for the race?
What kind of weather is typical for the race?