I bought the ATB+ Defer to 2023 option. Am I automatically deferred?

If you purchased the ATB+ Defer to 2023 option and do not participate on March 27, 2022, then we will send you a promo code to register for 2023. Due to the high volume of inquiries and close proximity to race day, we may not be able to remove you from the participant list or email a confirmation during race week.

Where do I throw my gel packs?

We greatly respect the residents that allow us to host this historic race through their neighbourhoods and communities. We strongly encourage you to please hold onto your gel packs, tissues, and other unwanted items until you reach a water station where our volunteers can collect them.

Do you have a walking section for the 30K?

Although you can walk, there will be no separate walking category. All participants not reaching the 15km point by 11:45am or the 20km point by 12:30pm will not be allowed to finish the race. The course time limit will be strictly enforced due to traffic control and runner safety. The Finish Line will be taken down at 2:00pm.

There isn’t a separate walking race category but there is a 4.5 hour course time limit for the in-person 30K race. Participants are welcome to walk if able to complete the 30K within the course time limit.

Who receives medals?

All participants in the Hammer, 30K, Relays and 5K receive a medal. There are no medals for the virtual 2K, 10K, or 15k race categories.

Is this event a Boston qualifier?

No, The Around the Bay Road Race (since it is not a Marathon distance) is an excellent warm up for the Boston Marathon but it is not an official qualifying run.

What are the in -person race categories?

  • 30 Kilometres (18.6 miles)
  • 3 person x 10K relay
  • 2 person x 15k relay
  • 5 K