Are there finish line photos?

Marathon Photos

Marathon Photos is the official photographer for the Bay Race. Smile when you see our photographers in the bright yellow vests and make sure your bib number is visible. View and order your photos here.

When, where and what are the awards?

Finisher medals will be distributed to each participant upon completion of their in-person event. This will take place at Tim Hortons Field after you finish the race. Gold and Silver medal recognition will be sent by mail post-race. Click here for Gold and Silver 30K times.

Age Group Award Certificates will be distributed to the top three individuals in their age and gender category. The 30K categories are Female/Male runners 15yrs and over — 5 year increments up to 75+. Age Group Award Certificates will be mailed out to the Top 3 finishers in their category for the 5K race starting from 9 and under up to 75+ years old in 5 year increments.

Where does my event start?

  • 5K START: 8:30AM
  • 10K/15K/30(34)K START: 9:30AM
  • Start line for all races at the corner of Cannon St E and Lottridge St.

What is the 34K course like?
What is the 34K course like?
What is the 34K course like?