Oldest Road Race in North America!
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Around the Bay Road Race:
30k Run, Relay – 5k

March 29, 2020, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

In support of St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton Foundation

March 29, 2020
30k Road Race, 5k, 3-Person Relay, 2-Person Relay

Around the Bay 30K Road Race

March 29, 2020 — Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

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Hamilton's Around the Bay Road Race is the oldest on the continent, first run in 1894, three years before the Boston Marathon. Rich in tradition, it has been won by the best from around the world, including Boston Marathon winners and Olympic gold medallists. Become part of the continuing tradition by running this challenging course around Hamilton's natural harbour!

Run the next four Bay Race 30K races & receive a FREE 30K entry into the 130th Anniversary of the Bay Race in 2024!

Run the 30K Bay Race each year from 2020-2023 and receive a FREE 30K entry into the 130th anniversary of the Bay Race in 2024! Each year, please check the box during registration so we can keep track of your races and provide you with your free entry.

Note: you must have a finishing time for each year from 2020-2023 to be eligible for the free entry in 2024.

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