FAQ :: Mylaps Chip™ Timing

FAQ: Mylaps Chip™ Timing

What is Mylaps Chip™ timing?
Mylaps Chip™ (formerly ChampionChip™) is a miniature transponder in a specially designed plastic housing. This device contains a chip in combination with an energizing coil. These elements are encased in a waterproof glass capsule, meaning the Mylaps Chip™ can be used under all conditions (wet, dry, cold and hot).
The Mylaps Chip™ can be worn in different ways. For running races, the Mylaps Chip™ is usually attached to the runner's shoelace. In triathlons it is attached to an ankle bracelet.
There are no batteries in the Mylaps Chip™. The transponder is passive until moved into a magnetic field, generated by a send antenna. Here the energizing coil produces an electric current to power the chip. The transponder then transmits its unique identification number to a receive antenna. The whole procedure takes approximately 60 milliseconds and is repeated continuously.
Where do I get my chip? How do it return it?
Your chip is supplied to you for the event in your run packet — which you pick up at the runners expo — with your bib and T-shirt.
NEW disposable Commemorative chip may be kept as a souvenir.
How do I wear the Chip?
In your run packet will be included a short plastic zip strip (like a twist tie) to attach the chip to your shoelaces.
How to attach the chip to your shoe
Bear in mind: no chip, no time. Only athletes wearing a Mylaps Chip™ will be timed. The reading distance of the Mylaps Chip™ System is limited. The antennae are embedded in the red mats on the road. Therefore the chips should be located as close to the mats as possible — on the shoe of the participant.
Use the plastic strip to attach the chip to the bottom portion of your shoelaces (see photo).

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